Would you like to radically redefine your experience of motherhood and pursue your own path? 

My book "Find Your Mama Groove" gives you my simple, 5 step plan on how... 

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Here's What You Will Learn:

  • Identify and RELEASE the limiting beliefs, physical baggage, and old stories that are holding you back
  • To slow down, feel more, and TRUST yourself!
  • Tap into your PASSION, both within your life and with your loved one
  • ​Melt into what deeply NOURISHES your soul
  • ​To invite your FAMILY into the creation of a conscious lifestyle

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Joanna Hunt

Mothers I coach describe me as an “Angel”, “Liberator of the Soul”, “Fairy Godmother”, “Spiritual Guide” and “Miracle Healer.”

I am blessed to hold this space in Mothers’ lives between Bali and the Isle of Wight in the UK with a loving, conscious, inspiring soulmate, a beautiful, wild, spirited daughter and a conscious community of fellow Mamas navigating their path. 

However.....my life didn't always look like this.

Eating disorders, anxiety, medication haunted me through my childhood and into my 20’s.

Although I was a trained counselor, it wasn’t until I fully committed to my yoga practice that I started to feel, slow down and consider that there was a truer and more beautiful way of living life. 

Life simply resembled a tussle between heart and mind – they were simply poles apart.

15 years later my work as a Conscious Family Coach™ now sees me guide Mamas who are ready to redefine their experience of motherhood and pursue their unnique path.

By creating containers for Mamas to love themselves, I create the environment to support our children in feeling deeply loved and celebrated for the magic that’s within them - it's incredibly rewarding and I am so happy you are on this journey with me by gaining access to my book and the free resources inside my membership village!

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