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Dynamically Updated
"Find Your Mama Groove changed my life fundamentally. Working with Joanna has been a privilege of a lifetime." 
"Joanna - you have given me permission to find my inner spark, my inner child. I cannot thank you enough"

Here's What You Will Learn:

Step 1
In the Metal Element you will learn how to identify and release the limiting beliefs, physical baggage, and old stories that are holding you back. You will be given the tools necessary to clear your mind, purify your home, and rid yourself of limiting subconscious patterns so you can finally own your WORTH and gain the confidence necessary to make BIG, BEAUTIFUL CHANGE.
Step 2
In the Water Element you will learn how to slow down, feel more, and TRUST yourself. I will offer you simple adjustments to your current lifestyle that will lead to more energy, less anxiety, and a clearer vision for what you truly desire. This step will allow you to maximize self-trust and help your soul to feel aligned and relaxed with the new direction you are moving into.
Step 3
In the Fire Element you will tap into your PASSION, both within your life and with your loved one. You will be given tools to re-light your spark and discover how to surrender into your feminine, Goddess energy right now so life can start being easier, more fun, and more pleasurable for you.
Step 4
In the Earth Element you will tap into what deeply NOURISHES your soul. You will be introduced to simple adjustments you can make within your parenting and lifestyle today that will make you feel whole again and finally allow you to deeply connect to your child/ children. 
Step 5
In the Wood Element you learn how to invite your family into the creation of a conscious lifestyle. The consciousness tools revealed will provide you with ways to fill your home and family with compassion and give you a roadmap to start sharing your family’s unique magic with the world.

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